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On the heels of Green's recent EP 'Collide,' comes the latest and most anticipated of his musical offerings. 'Voice of the Wind,' Green's 5th studio album, is a captivating sonic journey exposing the foundational fabric from which his inspiration is born. Traveling the depths of emotion and musical experience, 'Voice of the Wind' brings the listener into the haunting mystical realms of songs like "Rainbow Medicine," to the foot stomping grooves of "Let it Go" and into the celebratory experience of the songs like "Red Road" and the title track "Voice of the Wind." This record is a culmination of Trevor's music and spiritual experiences to date and expresses the willingness to invite each listener into his personal journey as a reflection of their own. 

With the goal of seeing a brighter future for our children and bringing forward the message of our ancestors we are committed to being the change that we wish to see by honoring and connecting to the source which we all live and breathe.... and with that the 'Co-Creating a Dream' journey was born. With the intention of honoring the sacred wisdom that is rooted within all of us and bridging culture around the globe, it is our goal to honor and respect this wisdom and bring forward the change within, and remind us all that we are all woven deep into this beautiful fabric as ONE!